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Reggio Emilia is an educational approach developed by psychologist Loris Malaguzzi (1920-1994) in the 1940s after the end of World War II, named after the town of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy.


The philosophy of Reggio Emilia is based on the belief that each child has immense potential, which can be developed through their inherent curiosity. Children naturally seek to understand the world around them and come up with their own explanations for how the world works. According to Reggio Emilia, like individuals, we all construct our own knowledge through real-life experiences, through interactions with the environment and society. Children, too, need to be given opportunities by schools and families to build their own knowledge based on their natural curiosity.


The Reggio Emilia approach helps to:

Stimulate the curiosity and observation skills of children.
Help children explore the world around them, fostering a love for learning.
Foster the development of imagination and creativity through activities such as drawing, sculpting, storytelling, and painting.
Develop the collaborative and teamwork skills of children.
Help children learn to love and protect nature.


Reggio Emilia is a core principle in guiding the curriculum and approach to education at BAY Preschool. Children at BAY Preschool participate in learning and playing actively through real-life experiences. Through observation, listening, touching, moving, and conversing, children will build close relationships with their peers, their classroom, the learning environment, and the objects around them. Children will feel confident in integrating into a shared world where they can confidently ask questions, express curiosity, and actively explore new knowledge. Teachers, the school, and families will collaborate, co-journey, and share thoughts and ideas with children. The learning environment at BAY will be the "third teacher," providing children with the space, tools, and necessary support to express their thoughts and opinions through their unique "hundred languages."






Project-based learning is a teaching method where children deeply investigate a specific topic or issue. During the process of exploration, children are encouraged to plan, implement, and manage their own experiential activities, with teachers playing a role in guiding and supporting the children's activities. Project-based learning provides age-appropriate skills in a systematic way, meeting the learning needs of children, helping them actively and creatively explore, enhancing teamwork skills, and developing children's abilities to think independently and lifelong learning.


During the process of project-based learning at BAY Preschool, children will be connected to real-life experiences. Parents can also participate with their children in researching, exploring, learning, and playing.








We won't know how talented a child can be in any field if we don't give them opportunities to experience, to be curious, to learn and to reveal themselves. BAY Preschool believes in an educational program that provides comprehensive knowledge and skills, constantly develops and innovates, to create opportunities for children to have wide access to knowledge in science, critical thinking, arts, life skills, physical education, music, literature, culture, technology, environment, etc. In addition, the program also includes STEM Programming|Robotics, Logical Thinking Math, and a 4-skills development program: Logical Reasoning - Problem Solving - Creativity - Social Emotional Skills, which are experiential and engaging, helping children develop comprehensively in personality, life skills, knowledge, and physical health.


At each stage of development, children have different interests, passions, questions, and curiosities. BAY Preschool focuses on the unique development and characteristics of each child. We do not have common expectations for all children. We look at each child, the child of today and tomorrow. We look at the daily progress of each child. The team of teachers, the school, and parents will accompany and monitor this progress so that once it becomes an interest, passion, and talent, we can nurture and develop it further.





At BAY, English is not just a subject. English is a communication tool for children to integrate, connect with their classmates, friends, express and convey their personal emotions. Scientific studies have proven that children's ability to imitate, reflect, absorb, and remember language is particularly good during the ages of 3-6. Unlike many misconceptions that children who are not proficient in Vietnamese cannot learn English, in fact, children do not learn English through "thinking", writing words, or "translating from Vietnamese to English" as mothers might think, but they naturally and proficiently reflex like foreign babies if they are placed in an appropriate educational environment. Studies show that children at this age can learn and absorb multiple languages, and early language learning also benefits children's language development and communication skills in the future


The English program at BAY focuses on creating an immersive environment where children are exposed to English in various contexts such as stories, songs, games, and daily conversations. This allows children to learn English naturally, just like their mother tongue, through listening, speaking, and gradually reading and writing. Our English language program is based on Cambridge, BAY English and TouchEnglish! Children are encouraged to use English to communicate and express themselves, building their confidence and proficiency in the language. BAY Preschool aims to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for children, promoting their overall development, nurturing their talents, and preparing them for future success in a globalized world.


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